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Osmo Surface Disinfectant

Osmo Surface Disinfectant

A ready to use surface disinfectant. Effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses (incl. coronaviruses)

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1 litre



  • Highly effective specialised disinfectant for fighting micro-organisms.
  • Effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses (including coronaviruses)
  • Suitable for use on oiled, waxed, lacquered and varnished wooden surfaces
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial use

Product Information

  • Osmo Surface Disinfectant is designed to disinfect wooden surfaces such as flooring, cabinetry and furniture
  • Also effective on surfaces made of synthetic materials, stainless steel and other waterproof surfaces (e.g. tiles)
  • Suitable for use in private households as well as in restaurants, kitchens and hospitals etc.

More Information

  • For initial application, apply undiluted to the surface with a clean mop or cloth. Leave for 30 - 60 minutes
  • For follow up applications, Surface Disinfectant can be diluted 1:1 with water and then applied by clean mop or cloth
  • Rinse any areas which come in contact with skin or food (e.g. benchtops and table tops) with fresh water and leave to dry
  • For large areas such as floors, Surface Disinfectant can be applied by a single disc machine such as Osmo's FloorXcentre, with a brushing ring or white pad