Osmo Polyx Oil Rapid for faster drying in cold conditions.

Size Finish Price Quantity
750 ml
$ 92.59
2.5 litre
$ 272.16
10 litre
$ 907.92

Osmo Polyx®-Oil Rapid is a faster drying version of the normal Polyx®-Oil. It is available as a clear finish in 2 sheen levels: Satin (3232) and Matt (3262) plus white transparent satin (3240).

Normal Polyx®-Oil would generally be used during the warmer summer months, and is touch dry in approximately 8-10 hours. The Rapid Polyx®-Oil is designed to be used in colder, conditions where there may be snow or frost etc, or because of the cold temperature, curing time may be an issue. Generally, the Rapid Polyx®-Oil will cure faster, with 2 coats able to be applied on the same day. The finish for normal Polyx®-Oil and Rapid Polyx®-Oil is identical.

A natural, clear, durable low maintenance finish for timber and cork flooring. It can also be used to finish wooden furniture, exposed timber beams, sarking and paneling. Suitable for a variety of timber types - both hardwood and softwood. Polyx®-Oil Rapid is based on natural oils and waxes, which penetrate deeply into the surface to enhance and maintain beauty and elasticity. As durable as polyurethane, and far easier to repair when scratched or worn down. Polyx®-Oil Rapid, once fully cured, will not crack, flake, peel, blister or water mark and is stain resistant against wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk and water.

The coverage rate of Polyx®-Oil Rapid is exceptional at around 24 square metres per litre. That means a 10 litre can will cover approximately 240 square metres with one coat, or 120 square metres with 2 coats. That equates to a cost of $7.60 per square metre.

To understand how the Osmo system works, please click on the video tab on this page.

Timbers which have an unusually high resin content such as Matai, and oily timbers such as Totara, Kwila and Spotted Gum require a different finishing process. The natural resin in Matai will slow down the drying time of the oil. We suggest doing a test first to determine suitablility. If the oil is still tacky after 24-48 hours, then we do not recommend using Polyx®-Oil Rapid.

If your timber is oily and/or resinous, then the following options are available

  • It may be possible to use one coat of Woodwax Finish Clear Extra Thin as an initial priming coat to dilute the resin and drive it away from the timber's surface. This would be followed by 2 thin coats of Polyx®-Oil Rapid.
  • Use Polyx®-Oil Express with optional hardening agent. Pot life will be approximately 90 minutes. Eacxh coat will dry in approximately 2-3 hours. This is for professional use only.  

For timbers which are oily by nature, such as Totara, Kwila and Spotted Gum etc, it  is recommended that the timber's surface be wiped over with a solvent such as turpentine, or Osmo's Thinner to remove any oil present, before applying the finish. To determine which Osmo product to use on your timber floor, please click here.

Easy to maintain with any plant based soap such as Osmo's Wash and Care for damp mopping, and Liquid Wax Cleaner for buffing the timber when needed.

For further information, please refer to the downloadable product information sheet and handy tips sheet on this page.


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