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How-To Videos

DIY application of Osmo Polyx®-Oil

A DIY video showing preparation and application of Osmo Polyx®-Oil to an oak floor. Presented by Dirk from Osmo Germany.

Application video using hand pad and microfibre fleece

How to apply Osmo products using the hand pad and microfibre applicator fleece.

Video courtesy of Osmo Canada and their customer: amforloversofwood

DIY application of Polyx®-Oil Tints (colour) to a wooden floor

A DIY video from Dirk of Osmo Germany. Application of coloured Polyx®-Oil Tints to an oak floor.

Applying Osmo Top Oil to a Macrocarpa Bench Top

How to prepare and apply Top Oil to a timber benchtop - Video courtesy of Cypress Sawmill, Auckland NZ.

How to apply Osmo Polyx®-Oil Rapid (fast drying) to timber floors

Dirk from Osmo demonstrates how to apply the faster drying Polyx®-Oil Rapid to timber floors.

Ideal for application to oily and resinous timbers. For more information follow this link:


Application of Osmo Woodwax Clear Extra Thin 1101 to oily and resinous timbers

For use as a "stand alone" finish, or a primer coat on timbers such as Matai, Heart Rimu, Totara, Spotted Gum, Kwila, Iroko etc.

For full details follow this link: https://www.naturaloils.co.nz/product/woodwax-clear-extra-thin

Osmo Woodwax Finishes. Transparent and Intensive coloured oils for interior timber furniture.

Dirk from Osmo Germany demonstrates using Woodwax finishes.

Coloured oils and waxes for furniture. Safe for children's toys and bassinets.

Polyx Raw 3044 vs Polyx Tints White 3040

What is the difference between Polyx Raw 3044 and Polyx Tints White 3040. Watch this video from Osmo UK to find out.

Polyx®-Oil Express from Osmo. For Professional Flooring Contractors.

Polyx®-Oil Express. A 2 component product for professional use only. Perfect for oily and resinous timbers. Due to a short (4 hour) dry time, application of 2 coats in one day is possible. Perfect for cafes and restaurants. For full details follow this link: https://www.osmo.co.nz/product/Polyx%C2%AE-Oil%20Express

Osmo Oil Stain

Dirk from Osmo Germany demonstrates using Osmo Oil Stain to achieve transparent or opaque finishes

Repairing scratches in an Osmo finished surface

How to repair an Osmo finished surface - courtesy VCS Timbers, Western Australia

Osmo Concrete Oil application

How to apply Osmo Concrete Oil to your concrete floor and other surfaces. Easy DIY.

Video courtesy of Osmo UK.

For further details please follow this link: https://www.naturaloils.co.nz/product/concrete-oil

Osmo Wood Protector

A clear wood priming oil ideal for wet areas and to protect timbers from blue stain.

In this video, Ralf and Dirk will show you how to protect wood in wet rooms or exterior playground equipment against blue stain.

Cleaning your greyed off timber deck with Osmo Power Gel

In this video, Ralph and Dirk from Osmo Germany demonstrate how easy it is to clean your grey and dirty timber deck with Osmo Power Gel.

It helps to have access to a deck cleaning machine, but not essential.

Applying Osmo Decking Oil

Dirk and Ralph from Osmo Germany show us how to coat your timber deck with Osmo Decking Oil.

How to clean timber outdoor furniture with Osmo Power Gel.

How to clean your outdoor timber patio furniture using Osmo's Wood Reviver Power Gel

Application of Osmo Exterior UV Protection Oils

Dirk from Osmo Germany applies UV Protection Oils.

Due to the light amount of pigments and the strength of the UV in NZ, Osmo UV Oil finishes will not last as long as the same product when used in northern hemisphere countries.

For full details follow these links: https://www.naturaloils.co.nz/product/uv-protection-oil-clear- for clear UV Oils and https://www.naturaloils.co.nz/product/uv-protection-oil-tints- for tinted UV oils

Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain

Dirk from Osmo Germany demonstrates Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain for external timbers.

Osmo Garden Colour

A new water based, opaque finish with low VOC's for exterior timbers. Available in a multitude of colours.

The advantages of Osmo finishes

A comparison between Osmo products, traditional oils and lacquer/varnishes

Cleaning of Osmo Polyx®-Oil surfaces with Osmo Wash and Care

How to care for your Osmo finished floor using a pH neutral plant based detergent