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2K Wood Oil

2K Wood Oil

Solvent free finish for interior timber floors and furniture

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1 litre



  • One coat only.
  • Solvent free.
  • Contains less than 50 grams/litre of VOC's.
  • The finish produces a microporous and breathable surface with only a one coat application
  • Resistant to water, coffee, cola, wine, beer etc as per German/European Union certification DIN 12720
  • High quality product manufactured in Germany, fulfilling the worldwide drive towards low/zero VOC products.
  • Suitable for use on oily and resinous timbers such as matai, heart rimu, totara and spotted gum.

Product Information

  • For professional use only. 2K Wood Oil is not a DIY product.
  • Osmo 2K Wood Oil is a 2 component product. It is not a stand alone product, and must be used with the hardener.
  • Colours can be mixed together to achieve a bespoke finish. The variation of colours is endless.

  • Component 1 is the oil. Based on natural plant oils (linseed), waxes, drying agents, water repellant additives and oxide pigments for colour.
  • Component 2 is the hardener. It is a solvent free, mild, aliphatic polyisocyanate.

  • Osmo 2K Wood Oil is not ready to use. Shortly before use, both components must be mixed together thoroughly in the correct ratio. Mixing ratio is 10ml hardener to100ml of oil. Do not thin.
  • Pot time is approximately 3-4 hours.
  • Coverage for 1 coat is approximately 40-50 square metres depending on timber type and surface.
  • Drying time approximately 24 hours
  • Storage is approximately 2 years if unmixed, and stored in the original unopened containers.

More Information

  • Application should be by double blade scraper, and applied as thin as possible.
  • For chamfered edge floors or timber mouldings, application should be by low nap microfibre roller, or good quality paint brush.
  • 30 - 40 minutes after application, the product must be buffed evenly into the timber. For flooring, use a low speed, single disc buffing machine with a white pad. For smaller areas or areas with mouldings etc, use a hand held buffing machine such as Osmo's HandXcentre with a white pad.

  • For full details on preparation and application, please watch the video clip below. There is also a link to the Manufacturer's product information sheet below which can be downloaded.

  • Osmo 2K Wood Oil is a one coat application which has a matt finish - both for the clear and transparent colours. If you require a higher sheen level (satin or gloss etc), one thin coat of Polyx Oil can be applied over the top of the dry and cured 2K Wood Oil, however, this will negate the benefits of using the solvent free, low VOC 2K Wood Oil. Always test first for suitability.
  • Alternatively, Liquid Wax Cleaner can be buffed into the surface for a higher patina.