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Decking Oil

Decking Oil

Coloured, transparent oils for timber decks

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5ml Sample




2.5 litres


10 litres



  • Transparent. Wood grain and character remains visible
  • Easy to apply
  • Safe for animals and plants when dry
  • Water and dirt resistant
  • Reduces wood swelling and shrinkage
  • Microporous breathable surface which does not crack, peel or flake
  • Recoat is easy. Just clean, allow to dry and recoat. Sanding is not normally necessary

Product Information

  • Coverage: Approximately 20-24 square metres on hardwoods. Less on softwoods
  • No of Coats: 2 on new timber; 1 for recoat
  • Drying time: 12 hours
  • Sizes: 750ml and 2.5 litres. Some colours are available in 10 litres

More Information

Coloured oils for timber decks from Osmo. Transparent, satin, high quality wood finishes based on natural oils. They are designed to meet the demands of exposed, exterior decking timbers.

Available in 9 attractive timber tones plus clear.

Coverage is approximately 20-24 square metres per litre on new dressed hardwoods. On new softwoods such as treated pine, coverage will be approximately 10-12 square metres per litre. Coverage rates on old weathered timbers will be much less.  

Because of the strength of the UV in NZ, two coats of coloured Decking Oil is recommended. Basically, the more pigment the oil contains, the longer the finish will last. Rejuvenation should only be one coat. 

Osmo's clear Decking Oil 007 has no UV resistance. In full exposure, the clear finish will last 2-3 months before a recoat is needed. The clear decking oil is more suited for exterior timbers which are under cover, or are fully protected from the elements such as an outdoor room.

Osmo's Decking Oils are easy to apply, maintain and rejuvenate. In full weather conditions, a rejuvenation coat would be required every 18-24 months, based on an initial 2 coat application. Where the deck is protected by a roof, and is not exposed to full weather, recoat time should be longer.

To rejuvenate the finish, the timber should first be cleaned with a good timber cleaner such as Osmo's Decking Cleaner, or Wood Reviver Gel. Once the surface is clean and dry, one coat of Osmo Decking Oil should be applied.

Osmo Germany has renamed some of the colours for New Zealand and Australian timbers. Timbers such as Bangkirai 006, Thermowood 010 and Massaranduba 014 are sold in Europe but not in NZ. These colours have been renamed Light Cedar 006, Hazelnut 010 and Chestnut 014, however the original colour names feature in all brochures.

Osmo decking oils are not recommended for use on bamboo.

In all cases a trial test to determine suitability is recommended.