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Floor Roller Set

Floor Roller Set

Microfibre floor roller set.

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  • Ideal product for application of Osmo products onto internal timber flooring
  • Microfibre rollers hold the correct amount of oil
  • Roller sleeve contains a bearing which means the sleeve sits level on the timber's surface giving an even spread of product

Product Information

The floor roller set comes with:

  • 250mm roller frame
  • 1 microfibre roller sleeve with nap of 5mm
  • Plastic roller tray
  • 3 plastic tray inserts

More Information

The Osmo Floor Roller Set is a high quality roller system for application of Polyx Oils to interior timber floors.

While the Osmo floor brush is the recommended DIY applicator, the floor roller can be used by professionals, and people who understand how a roller should be used correctly. Care should be taken not to put too much product onto the roller, as this will result in over application. Polyx Oil needs to be applied very thinly and evenly. Less is definitely better. Over application will result in longer drying times and a dull, patchy or sticky finish, meaning remedial action will be needed.

The roller sleeve contains a bearing, which means it sits on the timber evenly. The roller is also directional, meaning it should be used the same way throughout the coating process, and not flipped over.

Replacement roller sleeves and tray inserts are available to purchase from this website.