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Oil Stain Hardener

Oil Stain Hardener

Hardener for Osmo Oil Stain

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  • Product Code: 6631
  • Drying time: Approximately 4 hours when mixed with Osmo Oil Stain
  • Sizes: 60ml

Product Information

  • Shortened drying time for Oil Stain
  • For high traffic areas
  • Ideal for commercial and public buildings

More Information

Osmo Oil Stain Hardener is a hardening agent which can be added to Osmo Oil Stain, where accelerated drying is required - such as shops, cafes and restaurants etc. It is also recommended when staining timbers with high resin and oil content such as Matai, Heart Rimu, Totara, Kwila and Spotted Gum etc.

Addition of the Hardener shortens the drying time of the oil stain from 12 hours to just 4 hours, which means one coat of stain and one top coat can be applied in one day.

Add the contents of a 60ml bottle of Hardener to a 1 litre can of Oil Stain, and stir thoroughly. Pot time is approximately 60 minutes.

Osmo Hardener is only suitable for use in OSMO Oil Stain. It is not suitable for use in other OSMO products. It is a professional use product only.

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