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Paint Stripper

Paint Stripper

Low odour paint stripper for wood and metal

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1 litre



  • Universal paint stripper for solvent based surfaces
  • Low odour
  • Long open time
  • Can dissolve several layers of lacquer or varnish in one step
  • Free of aromatic compounds and chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Can be used internally or externally
  • In store now

Product Information

  • Dissolves and removes synthetic resin lacquers, 1-component lacquers, dispersion and latex paints, oil finishes and wood stains, dispersion glues and polymer plasters etc.
  • Works on wood, metal and mineral substrates such as render, concrete or stone
  • Not suitable for use on cross linked lacquers such as 2-component coatings or epoxy resin coatings
  • Coverage for 1 coat is approximately 2-4 square metres per litre depending on whether the substrate is smooth, rough or porous
  • Cleanup with soap and water
  • Size available: 1 litre tubs

More Information

  • Apply with a brush or trowel and cover immediately with a thin foil such as a polythene sheet
  • Allow for sufficient reaction time. This will take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours or possibly overnight depending on the project
  • Remove the soft dissolved layer with a trowel and rinse with luke warm water
  • It may be necessary to repeat the application
  • Allow surfaces such as wood to dry 24-48 hours before applying a new surface coating

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