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Polyx®-Oil Raw

Polyx®-Oil Raw

Polyx®-Oil Raw slows down the yellowing of timber

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5ml Sample




2.5 litres


10 litres



  • Food safe when cured
  • Nearly invisible appearance - no "permanent wet effect"
  • Matt finish
  • Extremely durable and hard wearing
  • Resistant to common liquid spills such as water, juice, tea, coffee and wine
  • Suitable for children's toys, cots and bassinets
  • Microporous breathable finish which does not crack, peel or flake

Product Information

  • Interior use only
  • Coverage approximately 24 square metres per litre with one coat
  • No of coats: 1 coat plus one coat of clear Polyx®-Oil
  • Drying time: 8 - 10 hours
  • Sizes: 750ml, 2.5 litres and 10 litres
  • Not suitable for use on oily and resinous timbers such as matai, totara, heart rimu or spotted gum etc.

More Information

Polyx®-Oil Raw is a priming oil designed to reduce/slow down the natural yellowing of timber. Polyx®-Oil Raw contains a small quantity of white pigment, which counters the yellowing of the wood's colour, leaving the surface looking as near to natural as possible.

One thin coat will keep the timber looking "Raw" as though it had nothing on it. Suitable for use on wooden flooring, wall paneling and timber ceilings as well as timber furniture.

It is best suited for use on light coloured timbers such as Oak, Pine, Spruce, Douglas Fir (Oregon) etc. Ideal for use on light coloured plywoods such as Plytech Birch Elite.

Polyx®-Oil Raw is not recommended for use on darker timbers such as jarrah, kwila, teak and heart rimu etc, as it may give the timber a white chalky appearance. 

We recommend doing a test first to determine suitability. 5ml test sachets are available to purchase from this page.

Easy to apply. Polyx Raw is generally used as a one coat primer.The oil should be buffed/rubbed evenly into the timber's grain so the white is no longer visible, making the timber appear as though there is nothing on it. (2 coats of Polyx®-Oil Raw can be applied, however the finish will appear white). Once the Polyx®-Oil Raw is dry, one or two coats of Polyx®-Oil clear should be applied.