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Timber Clean

Timber Clean

Timber Clean is a safe and effective timber cleaner

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  • An effective alkaline salt timber cleaner
  • Does not contain chlorine or oxalic acid
  • Suitable for use on exterior timbers such as decking and garden furniture
  • Can also be used to clean mould and grime from exterior masonry and concrete

Product Information

  • Active ingredient is sodium percarbonate
  • Half a cup of product when mixed with hot water in a bucket, will make 10 litres of ready to use solution.
  • For heavily stained timber, the quantity of Timber Clean per 10 litres of water can be adjusted to suit.
  • 10 litres should treat 6-10 square metres

More Information

  • Wet timber with fresh cold water.
  • Apply the made up solution to the timber and scrub using a stiff brush. Wear gloves at all times.
  • Leave 30-40 minutes and then rinse off with fresh cold water
  • If necessary, repeat process
  • Allow to dry for 24-48 hours (no rain) before applying a good quality timber finish


  • If your timber has been grey and weathered for many years, this process may not be effective. The only option may be sanding or replacement.
  • The tannins in some timbers have a chemical reaction with sodium percarbonate. In particular, use of sodium percarbonate on garapa will turn the timber green. Always test suitability before cleaning.