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Woodwax Clear Extra Thin

Woodwax Clear Extra Thin

Primer for oily and resinous timbers such as Matai, Heart Rimu, Kwila, Totara Spotted Gum and Iroko etc.

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5ml Sample




2.5 litres



  • Priming oil for oily and resinous timbers
  • Penetrates deeply
  • Drives any oil and resin present in the timber away from the surface.
  • One coat application as a primer; 2 coats as a stand alone finish.

Product Information

  • Coverage: Approximately 20-24 square metres per litre with one coat.
  • No of coats: 1 coat as a primer for oily/resinous timbers followed by 1 or 2 top coats of Top Oil / Polyx Oil.
  • Can be used as a stand alone finish for flooring etc. For this purpose, 2 coats are required. See below.
  • Not recommended as a stand alone finish for bench tops, vanities and other wet areas.
  • Drying Time: 12 hours
  • Sizes: 750ml and 2.5 litres

More Information

Osmo's Woodwax Finish Clear Extra Thin is a satin matt, transparent, one coat primer for interior timbers which have a high resin and/or oil content.

Some timbers such as Matai can have a very high resin content, whereas timbers such as heart Rimu, Totara, Kwila and Spotted Gum have a high oil content which helps protect the timber against rot, mould and insect attack. These resins and oils can retard the drying time of the thicker Polyx®-Oil. For full information on finishing these timbers using Woodwax Finish Clear Extra Thin, please see the downloadable information sheet below.

Osmo Woodwax Finish Clear Extra Thin can also be used as a stand alone finish for your timber floor. In this case, two coats should be applied. The oil will penetrate deeply into the timber's structure, leaving the surface with a traditional oiled finish. The clear finish is satin matt and will bring out the natural grain of the wood. Like any traditionally oiled surface, it will need regular maintenance.

Please read the downloadable product information sheet from this page entitled "How to treat Matai and other oily and resinous timbers"