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Buffing and cleaning machine for domestic and professional use.

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Floorex Machine


Microfibre Pad


White Pad


Red Pad


Green Pad



  • Very light weight - approximately 19kg
  • Pad diameter 300mm
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Velcro receptive driving disc plate for pads
  • Various coloured pads available for different functions
  • Slow speed (90rpm) with eliptical rotation
  • Suitable for Professional and domestic users

Product Information

  • Machines are supplied with a driving disc plate, one white pad and one microfibre pad.
  • Pads and driving disc plates are also sold separately.
  • AC motor 230v, 50Hz
  • Working width 300mm
  • Cable length 7.5 metres

More Information

Osmo's FloorXcentre is a high quality dual purpose machine manufactured in Europe.

In a domestic situation, it can be used for cleaning and buffing timber floors. In a professional situation, it can be used to apply Osmo coloured oils, stains and clear finishes to a timber floor.

The machine has a reservoir on the shaft for Osmo's Wash and Care detergent. By pushing a button on the handle, the machine dispenses the correct amount of detergent solution onto the floor. Using the white pad, the floor can be rejuvenated.

The machine can also be used to buff Osmo's Liquid Wax Cleaner into faded or worn areas of the floor using the microfibre pad, or a normal "scotchbrite" type white pad. Simply put a small quantity of the Liquid Wax Cleaner onto the floor and let the machine do the work. Do not put Liquid Wax Cleaner into the machine's reservoir. If this happens, the wax will set hard, and the lines will need to be replaced.

For professional users, stains can be buffed into the timber using a white pad. This will result in an even spread of colour to the timber's surface.

The FloorXcentre is light (19kg) and very easy to use. It is not a fast spinning machine such as Canterbury or Polyvac where the head spin around 300-400rpm. The driving plate of the FloorXcentre oscillates in a random pattern at about 90rpm. This means the product on the floor gets massaged into the timber, rather than spun out from under the heavier and faster machines.

Microfibre pads, white, red and green pads are also sold separately. White pads are for buffing/light cleaning; red pads are for use when heavier duty scrubbing is needed, and green pads give a light skim/sand to the surface when reoiling is necessary.

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